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Our History

Apros: an italian company with a new european perspective

Apros is a leading company in Italy in the flue pipes and chimney industry. Today the company produces over 1.5 million pieces a year, thanks to the work of over 50 employees. The product range is very wide: single, double and triple wall flues ducts and chimneys made of stainless steel and plastic, as well as passages for wooden roofs. Apros blends the essence of italian craftsmanship, design and elegance into its products, all while maintaining high performance and safety standards.


Apros is the first company in Italy to produce connecting flue systems for wood stoves.


The first ones in Italy to manufacture connecting flue systems for wood and pellet.


New Apros factory. 4000 m2 of technologically cutting edge area.


2 million and a half € invested to install the new automated line and to expand the production with single and double wall chimney systems.


Acquisition by the Group Joncoux. Apros becomes an international company.


Apros doubles its own manufacturing area. 8000 m2 with the production also of enamelled connecting flue systems.


The Apros logo changes its style: Sphering Group is born, the corporate evolution of the Joncoux Group, a leading group in Europe with 100 years of history. Some very high profile companies such as Joncoux, Eurotip, Lorflex, MK, Apros, Sfl and Eka team up to build this new group.


Apros celebrates 25 years in business. A milestone to be proud of and just the beginning of a long journey.


Sphering Group, of which Apros is a business unit, participates in Progetto Fuoco 2024, with the most impressive stand of the hall: 392 Mq. in total. Apros Tour continues in Italian cities to give assistance to the needs of customers and present the news. Apros philosophy : we take care of you.

A company made up of technology, craftsmanship and people